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At Planty Lab, we harness the power of digital marketing to fuel the growth of your business in ways beyond your imagination. Our expertise and strategies pave the way for your business to thrive, reaching new heights and realizing untapped potential. Let us be your partner in turning your dreams into tangible success.

Our Story

What started as freelance work quickly grew into a structured company with strategic partnerships. We have achieved remarkable results, such as helping CECES gain 6,000 new members in 8 months and revitalizing a 30-year-old family restaurant through rebranding and technology adoption. As a Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) alumni, we have guided over 30 companies in establishing a strong online presence.

Our vision is to empower small and medium-sized businesses through digital transformation, driving sustainable growth in the digital era.

Our 5 core products

Web Design

Transforming your online presence with visually striking and user-friendly websites.

Social Media

Building a strong social media presence and engaging with your audience to drive growth.


Amplifying your message and connecting with your audience through captivating audio storytelling.

Email Marketing

Nurturing customer relationships and driving conversions through targeted and personalized email campaigns.

Paid Ads

Maximizing your online visibility and reaching your target audience through strategic and impactful advertising campaigns.

Case Study

Explore the Impressive Range of What We Can Accomplish.

Fund service company website revamp with WIX

For a promising fund service startup, we employed WIX to craft a polished online presence that effectively showcased their services, while integrating a user-friendly contact form to facilitate seamless client inquiries and engagement.

Social media content creation with personal brand

Our strategy focused on creating educational content that provided actionable insights and valuable knowledge to their target audience. By crafting engaging posts that offered practical tips and industry expertise, we witnessed a significant boost in the save post rate.

Empowering an NGO through Podcast marketing

Our collaboration with NGO involved assisting them in launching their own podcast show. Each episode featured insightful interviews with professionals in specific areas of expertise.

Our comprehensive services included recording, sound enhancement, editing, and distribution. By leveraging our expertise, we ensured high-quality production values and seamless content delivery.

The podcast not only amplified the NGO's reach but also positioned them as a trusted platform for informative discussions. This strategic podcast marketing approach enabled NGO to engage their audience, foster valuable connections, and broaden their impact in the community.

Our Features

Fixed Pricing

Experience the ease and efficiency of our productized services, complete with transparent fixed pricing, ensuring you get the value you deserve without any hidden costs.

Unparalleled Support

Our dedicated team provides ultimate support, going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction, offering prompt assistance and personalized guidance every step of the way.

Heart-Driven Expertise

With a passionate and dedicated small team, we bring a personal touch to every project. Our heartfelt approach ensures that your unique needs are understood and met with exceptional results.

Embrace Flexibility

We understand that business needs evolve. That's why our flexible solutions adapt to your changing requirements, empowering you to achieve your goals with agility and efficiency.

Discover What People are Saying

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Planty lab has been my Podcast and social media management for 6 months. I am very satisfied with their service and creativity. Their planning and execution have helped me a lot reaching out.

— Annette, Nutritionist

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Planty Lab's team is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated. They provided invaluable guidance and support, resulting in significant business growth.

— Sansan, CECES

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Planty Lab's digital marketing strategies have completely transformed our business. They understood our vision and helped us reach new customers we never thought possible.

— Sarah, Small Business Owner

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Thanks to Planty Lab's expert social media management, our online presence skyrocketed, attracting a larger audience and boosting engagement.


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