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Botanium enables you to grow herbs and vegetables - fast and easily. Featuring automatic watering and a water tank that lasts several weeks, this product is magical if you lack green thumbs and want fresh basil with minimum effort.

- No soil - no dirt and no soil-borne bugs

- Built-in water tank that lasts for weeks (convenient when traveling)

- Automatic watering, so you don't need to think how much or when to water

- Hydroponic technology that grows more productive plants - and quicker

- Grow anything from seed to harvest (herbs, chili peppers, tomatoes and much more)

- Minimalistic, elegant Scandinavian design that fits in your home


Dimensions: 136 mm (5.3") x 250 mm (9.8")

Usage: Indoor use only.

Water tank: 1 liter

Includes: Botanium, growing medium, pipette bottle with liquid nutrients, user guide, USB wall plug

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Toni L.

9 months ago

Love it!

My Botanium is working beautifully. Baby eggplant is growing like crazy! I don’t have to do anything but water and nutrition.

Charlie G.

9 months ago

Easy to use and worth the money

Really impressed by how easy this hydroponic pot is to use. Planted a single chilli seed from a supermarket chilli and left it, now I have a fully fledged chilli plant growing without any fuss.
Its easy to see when the pot needs refilling, but I've found that a full tank lasts for ages, thanks to the way the excess water drains back into the tank.

Missouri W.

9 months ago

Sprouts sprouted!

After germinating my cilantro seeds (paper towel method) they sprouted thought the growing medium effortlessly after just three days . Now let’s see them grow. The design is what attracted me! The ease of plant growth will keep me!!

Raphael R.

9 months ago

loving it ! Can't wait

Loving it ! Can't wait to eat the Basil popping up exactly the same way as in the pictures :)

Home hydroponics

Using a growing technique inspired by professional agriculture, Botanium is able to grow a wide variety of plants - from seed to harvest.

When growing in soil, the most common reason a plant dies it that it is overwatered.

Instead of soil, the Botanium uses a porous growing medium - made of burnt clay - supports the plant and absorbs the optimum amount of water. (so called hydroponics)

The watering goes on three-hour cycle but the plant can't get overwatered, thanks the the aerated growing medium.

How it works

Built-in water tank

A built in water tank ensures the water lasts for several weeks, so you can go away from home and return to a healthy plant.

When the plant is young and small, the tank lasts up to six weeks.

More productive plants

The hydroponic medium and the automatic watering enables the plant to grow faster, so you can harvest earlier and more often, whether it's basil leaves or chili peppers.

Automatic watering

Botanium waters every 3rd hour, and since the growing medium holds moisture as well as air, the plant can't get overwatered.

(overwatering is the most common reason plants die)

Botanium: Tabletop Hydroponic Planter

Watch Hoocho Sets up, Reviews and Timelapse's the Botanium indoor Grow system

Use it for your cooking

By growing herbs and vegetables yourself, you not only get fresher produce but you also reduce transports.

Grow basil for your pizza, mint for your mojitos, rosemary for your steaks or chili peppers for your hot sauce.

Plant any seeds

You don't need to use our brand of seeds to be able to use a Botanium. Just buy any seeds you can find locally and plant them.

No need to buy any special seed pods either!

Included in the box

  • Botanium
  • Growing medium
  • Pipette bottle with liquid nutrients
  • USB wall plug

(seeds are not included)

We are the official reseller of Botanium in Hong Kong

24Crisp, a brand under Planty Lab, is the official reseller of Botanium in Hong Kong. For reference please visit:


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