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Web design has never been easier.

With our productized service, setting up your website is as easy as buying groceries. We offer a fixed price for everyone, eliminating the need for opaque and overpriced quotations.

You know you need a website, but you don’t know where to start...

Our Web Design Philosophy

In today's digital landscape, web design has evolved into a dynamic process akin to developing a mobile app, employing an agile design approach with iterative enhancements rather than a one-time project.

At our agency, we prioritize continuous updates and improvements to your website, ensuring it aligns with your evolving needs. We offer unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied with the outcome.

Our pricing structure comprises two parts: a one-time development fee and an annual maintenance fee. Throughout the year, we provide ongoing support, including regular updates, debugging, content integration, and consultation on various digital marketing matters.

Choose us as your trusted website partner, committed to delivering exceptional results and driving your online success.

Our Offers

Agile Web Design Process:

Flexible and adaptable web design with an iterative approach for continuous improvements and updates.

Unlimited Revisions:

Ensuring complete satisfaction with the final web design through unlimited revisions.

Transparent Pricing Structure:

Clear pricing with one-time development fee and annual maintenance fee for transparency in cost.

Ongoing Support & Consultation:

Reliable partnership offering ongoing support, debugging, content integration, and expert consultation on digital marketing strategies.

No Code Tools Utilization:

Efficient and user-friendly website development utilizing no code tools like Wix, Shopify, WordPress, and Zyro.

Free Staff Training:

Empowering your staff with free training to manage and update the website independently.

Dedicated to Your Online Success:

Committed partnership dedicated to ensuring your online success.

Some of our happy clients

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Outstanding web design that perfectly captured our brand identity.

β€” Son Yee Business Services

Artboard 1

The website exceeded our expectations in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

β€” Moores Gaga

Artboard 1

Professional and responsive team that delivered on time.

β€” CRIX Fund Service

Artboard 1

The website has significantly boosted our online presence and customer engagement.

β€” Happy Parenting Club

Artboard 1

Efficient communication and prompt support throughout the entire process.

β€” Footprint Gallery Foundation

Artboard 1

Impressive attention to detail and seamless user experience.

β€” Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism

Artboard 1

The web design perfectly aligned with our business goals and target audience.

β€” Lohas28

Artboard 1

User-friendly navigation and intuitive layout that enhances the overall user experience.

β€” Christian Quality Creative Art Learning Center

Artboard 1

The website design truly represents the essence of our brand.

β€” Annette Tam

Let us know your needs

At Planty Lab, we understand that every project is unique, and we want to ensure that we fully understand your specific needs and requirements. That's why we encourage you to book a discovery call with us. During this call, we will have a chance to discuss your goals, challenges, and desired outcomes in detail. By understanding your needs, we can provide you with personalized solutions and recommendations tailored to your business.

How it works

Step 1: Book a discovery call

To initiate the web design process, we encourage you to book a discovery call with our team. This call serves as an opportunity for us to understand your unique requirements, goals, and vision for your website.

Step 2: Pick a plan

After the discovery call, our team will analyze your requirements and goals to suggest the most suitable tools and resources to achieve your desired outcomes while considering your budget constraints.

Step 3: Working together

We will embark on a collaborative journey to create a website that meets and exceeds your expectations. Throughout the process, we prioritize your satisfaction and aim to provide a website that truly helps your business thrive.

Enterprise Solution

If you are planning to undertake a substantial project or if our advisors determine that our current fixed-price plans cannot meet your specific requirements, you will receive a separate quotation.


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Case Studies

We are delighted to present a selection of our case studies, highlighting our successful projects and showcasing our expertise in the field. 

Fund service company website revamp with WIX

For a promising fund service startup, we employed WIX to craft a polished online presence that effectively showcased their services, while integrating a user-friendly contact form to facilitate seamless client inquiries and engagement.

Business Services Company Website with WordPress

We developed a business services company website using WordPress as the platform. The website was designed to effectively showcase the client's diverse range of products and services. To cater to their bilingual audience, we implemented a language switcher plugin, enabling seamless navigation between English and Chinese versions of the content. The website's clean and intuitive layout allowed visitors to easily explore and understand the client's offerings. WordPress's user-friendly interface empowered the client to manage and update their website effortlessly. The result was a professional and visually appealing website that effectively showcased the client's business services, while providing a bilingual experience for their audience.

Female Apparel Company Targeting North America with Shopify

Moores Gaga, a prominent female apparel company, set its sights on the North American market and sought to establish a strong online presence. With a diverse range of over 30 SKUs, they chose to leverage the power of Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, to achieve their goals. By harnessing Shopify's robust features and intuitive interface, Moores Gaga successfully created an engaging and user-friendly online store. The platform enabled them to showcase their extensive collection of women's clothing, including stylish apparel and trendy accessories. With seamless payment integration and a secure checkout process, customers could easily make purchases, fostering trust and customer satisfaction. Leveraging Shopify's built-in SEO tools, Moores Gaga optimized their website for search engines, enhancing their visibility and attracting organic traffic. Furthermore, the platform's marketing capabilities empowered the company to run targeted campaigns, driving brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. As a result, Moores Gaga experienced substantial growth, expanding their customer base and establishing a strong foothold in the competitive North American market. The partnership with Shopify proved instrumental in propelling Moores Gaga's success, enabling them to effectively reach their target audience and drive revenue.

Missionary NGO Website with Payhip

To support a missionary nonprofit organization, we implemented a comprehensive digital solution that included personal branding, an online store, and an online booking system for workshops. This enabled the organization to effectively promote their mission, sell products, and streamline workshop registrations through a user-friendly online platform.

Book a 15 mins discovery call with us

Gain insights into your business needs during our 15-minute call, and let us provide the assistance you require.

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